Corporate Grants









We encourage corporate grants for special purposes, such as educational or training grants that allow us to provide scholarships to overseas trainees to attend our Royal Hawaiian Eye Meetings or Training Programs as guests of the Foundation.

Ophthalmologists from many nations have benefited from corporate grants, including trainees who have attended and participated in our expeditions, Tongan nurses who have received advanced training in Fiji, and Vietnamese ophthalmologists who have attended Royal Hawaiian Eye Meetings, and traveled to the U.S. for one-on-one training with U.S. ophthalmologists. See » OUTREACH PROGRAMS

We have also been fortunate to receive corporate sponsorships, for example, from EagleVision in support of the Foundation’s International Award, and from Bausch & Lomb in support of the Phil Corboy Memorial Award. Both of these awards are presented at the Royal Hawaiian Eye Meeting in January. See » ROYAL HAWAIIAN EYE MEETING