The Fijian Prime Minister recognizes HEF’s Ba Vision Clinic- Ba, Fiji Mission Nov 2015

The acting Prime Minister/Attorney General of Fiji took the time to visit our Hawaiian Eye Team at our sustainable clinic in Ba, Fiji this week. In our 4th mission to Fiji this year, our Ba Vision Eye Center was recognized for its service to the poor and blind in Fiji. The PM observed a surgery and even came back to the clinic the next day to hear praises from the patients after their patches were removed. He was so inspired by our work that he publicly promised his support of our clinic.

We are also honored to have our President and Founder, Dr. John Corboy, visit our beloved clinic during this last mission of the year. He helped us attend to nearly 400 patient examinations. Dr. Jeffrey Rutgard performed 60 successful, sight-saving surgeries. Back together in the mission field for the first time in years, Dr. Corboy and Dr. Rutgard were able to train our local staff and make changes that improve overall patient flow.

  • You’ve given us life again!
    -Happy patient
  • I can see! I can see!
    -Blind for 20 years

We are grateful to our partners: SEE International and Medline for their support of this mission.

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